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Providing Proof of Insurance

After you have finalized your auto loan with First Atlantic, you may receive notice that you need to provide proof of auto insurance. This notice will be provided through email and you can submit the proof at or by calling (866) 866-3806.

Submitting proof of insurance

    •    You will need the reference ID and PIN that are provided in the email you received.
    •    If you do not have the email with the reference ID and PIN, please call.

Additional information required:

    •    Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)
    •    Named Insured
    •    Policy Period
    •    Policy Number
    •    Comprehensive and (Auto) collision coverage with deductibles not to exceed $2,000.00
    •    First Atlantic listed as the lien holder
    •    Collateral description - year, make, model, and VIN
    •    Typically all of this information can be found on the “Declarations” page of an insurance policy.
**An insurance card is NOT an acceptable insurance document**

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