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    Help Your Employees Improve Their Financial Wellness

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Offer Your Employees a Better Way to Manage Their Money

Help your employees make real financial progress — at no cost to your company. The First Atlantic Federal Credit Union WorkPlace Banking Program brings your employees not only a full-featured suite of banking products and services, but also onsite, customized financial planning and education services. 

Workplace banking and multi-ethnic group of young people working together

Employer Benefits

  • Recruit & retain employees – offer a voluntary, no-cost benefit to enhance existing benefit packages
  • Promote free financial education – plan seminars and Lunch 'n Learns that are designed to increase financial independence
  • Provide a portable benefit option – it goes wherever they go
  • Improve employee financial health - employees can increase their discretionary income by taking advantage of our lower rates and fees
  • Deliver free and agile communication strategies – newsletters, blogs, brochures, and posters
  • Create a positive impact on bottom line and employee satisfaction – employees are less stressed about finances and are more productive and engaged 
  • Increase direct deposit utilization – reduce payroll costs and risk of stolen or lost paychecks

Employer Advantages

* No cost or obligation to your business

* A dedicated relationship manager

* Reduce your payroll costs with direct deposit

Employer Summary

Download a copy of our WorkPlace Banking Program to show an overview of the features and benefits for you and your employees.

Workplace banking and multi-ethnic group of young people working together

Employee Benefits

  • Bank with a Not-For-Profit – we have shareholders (members) instead of stockholders allowing for better service and rate
  • Earn better savings rates – we offer better interest rates than banks on CDs and savings accounts; in the first quarter of 2021, the national average rate for a 5-year CD is 0.76 for credit unions, while the national average rate for banks is only 0.63.*
  • Pay lower fees – rather than paying shareholders, we can reinvest our earnings back to our members, decreasing the need to charge fees, such as high overdraft penalties
  • Get Free Checking – plus no minimum balances or service charges
  • Introduce your child to Youth Banking – our youth bank accounts are designed to teach financial responsibility and manage their money
  • Apply for competitive credit cards – from smart credit to cash back, we've got a low-rate card that fits your lifestyle and situation.
  • Access over 30,000 Free ATM’s nationwide – 
  • Build your Financial Wellness – you'll have access to our extensive amount of financial education tools and resources
  • Receive personalized service – members of credit unions enjoy the benefits of the organization’s strong focus on personalized customer service and local loan decision-making
  • Be part of a Community Investment – we partner with local organizations to keep our earnings circulating within our communities; our goal is to improve the lives of our members and add value to the community in which they live
  • Enjoy an alternative to commercial banks – on average, credit unions offer better rates on loans and savings than other financial institutions


Employee Advantages

* Better rates and lower fees

* Personalized products and services

* Access to financial wellness resources

Employee Guide

Download a copy of our WorkPlace Banking Program to show an overview of the features and benefits to your employees.