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Personal Checking

Life is expensive, especially here in New Jersey. From metered parking at the beach to parkway tolls, we understand things add up. That's why we spread the local love and reward you with our various spend accounts.

One Checking

A truly free account to help you meet your financial needs and gives you the kind of flexibility your life demands.

  • No monthly service fee – zero, zip, nada
  • No minimum balance

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Elite Checking

Best Rate: 0.05% APY*

Want a little more pep in your checking? Get it by earning interest on your deposits.

  • $5,000 minimum waives any fees** and helps you ride the wave to earnings
  • Direct deposit not required

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*The annual percentage yield (APY) is available for as long as you maintain the required minimum daily balance. Fees may reduce account earnings. Rates are subject to change at any time.

**If average monthly balance falls below $5,000, a $15 service charge will apply. Service charge may reduce account earnings.


Shore Interest Checking

Best Rate: 0.10%

As part of our Shore Thing Rewards™ program, you'll earn like a local with our highest checking interest rate available.

  • No minimum to earn interest
  • At least 200 Shore Thing reward points required for this ride
  • Foreign ATM fee reimbursement (up to $10 per month)
  • Plus, many more perks

So, what is Shore Thing and how do I accumlate points?

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Access (Youth) Checking

Introduces teens and young adults to money management concepts and responsible spending habits to help pave the way to financial success.

Edge Spend (Ages 13-17)*
  • No monthly service fee – zero, zip, nada
  • No minimum balance
  • Free Visa Debit Card
Rise Spend (Ages 18-24)
  • All the benefits of Edge Spend
  • Free ATM fee reimbursement (up to $6 per month)
  • Pre-Approved Visa Platinum Card ($500 limit)**

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*A parent or legal guardian must be an owner on this account.
**Proof of income must be established to qualify.


Visa Debit Card

Free yourself from cash! Our debit card comes free with any First Atlantic Checking/Spend account.

  • No annual fee
  • Take advantage of our Purchase Rewards program with shopping discounts and cash back at participating retailers
  • Withdrawals come straight from your checking account
  • Use your First Atlantic Debit Card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Samsung Pay
  • Get your card right away with instant issue at anyone of our branches

FAFCU Debit Card